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Download latest version of AgetoAge v4.0 (Jan-10-2010) New version of Worldmap file
Download latest version of AgetoAgeSqlite (x86) (Jun-12-2012)
AgetoAgeSqlite (x86) is a genealogy software that use SQLite's database engine. Max size on your database 2 Terra bytes. No installation of a database server is necessary. All is embedded.

 Our Mission:
Agetoage4 is a program that is designed in tracking down your family and relatives and has GEDCOM support. Our mission is to make a program that is easy to use for registering your ancestors and descendants at any level.

The Programming Environment
AgetoAge4 is programmed and compiled by using Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express that is free and dedicated to people who have programming as a hobby or just very interested. C# is a simple, type-safe, object oriented, general-purpose programming language. Visual C# provides code-focused developers with powerful tools and language support to build rich, connected web and client applications on the .NET Framework.

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+47 909 75 026
Programmer: Ove Kjaerstadbakk

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