13 - 08 - 2020
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Updated AgetoAgeSqlite with a log table that will receive any changes to data, you can look in this table from Advanced Query to see what changes have been made on your data, if you change birthdate for one person but later on want to set it back to what it was before the change you can find the previous value there. Personlist is also updated with right alignment for PID's.

09-12-2010 - Uploaded new version with some corrections and improvements in GED import. A few words about the photomanager. When you want to add a new category just type the name directly in the dropdown list. For example you have added a new photo and now want to put it in a new category. Then just doubleclick the new photo to make it current selected photo, then write the name of the new category and click Save. Then you will be asked if you want to save the new category and you click YES and that's it.

12-12-2010 - Uploaded new version of AgetoAgeSqlite with a DatabaseInfo window. Here you can see some techical information about the database, such as how the tables is created.

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