13 - 08 - 2020
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The First Stage Of Developing Agetoage2

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It started in the year 2000, I had just made a small program that i could use to register some persons and their families. Mom was visiting me here in Oslo and we started talking  about our relatives... and I registered the names and the connections between them. Mom had many names in her head, I got many names and it started become more and more interesting. I talked with my sister Torill about this and she got interested, too. She started her investigation by searching on the net and soon found Francis in USA. He had made his own page about his relatives and we found a starting point for our researches in the USA. Torill found soon our grand grand aunt's signature for the migration to the USA. This become more and more interesting and i worked on the program that soon got the name AgetoAge2 in my freetime and now became Agetoage 4.

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